Green Car Wash – Innovadores de América República Dominicana

Andris Disla, received legal advice from our associates Gisselle Valera y Manuel Canela to run his project Green Car Wash, after he won the first place in the Premio Nacional ANJE – Innovadores de América República Dominicana” in the en la Categoría Sustainability and Ecology category.

Green Car Wash, innovation consists in washing and waxing the car without using water. It is a self cleaning product, formulated with biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients; it does’t require connection to the electricity or water for environmentally sustainable use.

For Jimenez Cruz Peña is very satisfying to work with young people like Adris Disla and support him in this excellent initiative. We are committed to continue working with young entrepreneurs to make real their innovative projects to reality and turn their ideas into successful businesses.