Doing Business In… 2022

Doing-Business-in-2022 Jimenez Peña

The legal system in the Dominican Republic is civil law. Its origins can be traced to the proclamation of the Constitution in 1844 that established the nation as a republican state

Oil and Gas Law Review

The Dominican Republic is considered a frontier region with promising potential for the upstream oil and gas industry, mainly because of its geological setting and the long-known presence of crude in the subsoil.

Employment 2021

The Labour Code was first enacted in 1992 and over the past few years there have been discus-sions among representatives of employers and employees regarding the possible amendment of certain provisions, however, no agreement has yet been reached.

Jiménez Peña: Futuro, disponible hoy

Jiménez Peña- Futuro, hoy disponible

JP experimentó una transformación que impactó aspectos fundamentales desde su composición societaria, hasta la adopción de los pilares que definen su estrategia de negocios: Experiencia, Creatividad y Resultados.