Corporate Governance

Current industry challenges in the Dominican Republic

In the field of corporate governance, the Dominican Republic has cutting-edge legislation that represents a substantial advance, both in terms of the terminology used and the inclusion of practices consistent with advances in corporate governance at the international level in recent years. Our country has been transforming itself by adopting advances from other jurisdictions, particularly in carrying out periodic studies on the corporate, financial and fiscal development of companies.

Our Experience

Our clients receive advice from a team with vast experience in advising on the legal and commercial aspects of structuring good corporate governance, with an excellent track record in assisting the main groups of Dominican family businesses.

Similarly, we assist foreign private capital groups with investments in family businesses, focusing our practice on the division of roles of the company’s administrators, the election of an independent board of directors and transparency in the presentation of information and documentation of the companies.


JP’s clients include Dominican family businesses, leaders in various sectors of the national economy, such as banking and finance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, private security, insurance, and the retail market. Similarly, our clients include foreign private capital groups with investments in Dominican companies.

Relevant Cases

  • Jiménez Peña advises a group of partners in the negotiation and execution of the exit of partners, analysis of the valuation of the company in the market, modification of the board of directors and, in general, in the shareholding and organizational restructuring of one of the major players in the Dominican real estate sector.
  • Jiménez Peña assists in the separation of partners from a family company with a high incidence in the private security sector, specifically in the review and evaluation of the management of the managers’ exercise. Likewise, a due diligence task was carried out in order to determine the management of the benefits and growth of the company over the years, as well as the negotiation of agreements between related companies.
  • Jiménez Peña has advised multiple actors in the Dominican banking and financial sector in the review, modification and/or preparation of corporate governance guides, evaluation and preparation of corporate bylaws in accordance with current regulations, structuring of support committees and preparation and implementation of its compliance manuals.
  • Jiménez Peña advises a leading company in the department store business on the review and modification of the internal regulations of the board of directors, the audit, compliance and risk committee regulations, and the governance, appointment and compensation regulations; as well as in the review and preparation of new Bylaws to adapt them to the new corporate governance standards contemplated in the regulations.