Current industry challenges in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a state-of-the-art legislative system, focused on the constant work of keeping up to date with international tax doctrines, the efficiency of tax administration and tax transparency.

Among the latest relevant enactments we can highlight Law 46-20 on Transparency and Asset Revaluation, this law establishes a special and transitory tax regime for the declaration or revaluation of assets and, at the same time, grants facilities for the payment of tax debts. Said regulation was enacted in order to guarantee an effective implementation of Law No. 155-17 against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

Our Experience

Our clients have the advice of a team that has vast experience and excellent handling of all tax regulations in the Dominican Republic, keeping up to date with developments in this area. Our firm is recognized nationally and internationally for offering exceptional efficiency in the added value we provide to our clients in order to contribute to the improvement and effectiveness of their business operations. We stand out for streamlining tax regulatory processes with which every company operating in the country must comply, as well as advising and managing particular processes for special tax regimes.

Our clients recognize us for obtaining favorable results in the filing of appeals before the corresponding tax and administrative bodies, elimination and reduction of tax debts and any type of additional assistance required to maximize the benefits of their businesses, always ensuring tax security, in accordance with applicable laws.


JP’s clients include Dominican and foreign companies, including free zone operators, hotels and manufacturing companies. Similarly, we assist multiple foreign investors with legal opinions on the operation and application of tax regulations in the Dominican Republic and with the execution of their investments in the country.

Relevant Cases

  • Jiménez Peña advises multiple multinational and foreign companies in the investigation and analysis of tax benefits and impacts for the cost-benefit analysis of introducing their business to the Dominican Republic.
  • Jiménez Peña advises large companies in the Dominican industrial and commercial sector in the application of tax regulations to maximize the benefits of their operations.
  • Jiménez Peña advises national, multinational and foreign entities in the filing of appeals before the tax and administrative agencies in order to obtain the elimination or reduction of tax debts filed by the governing bodies.
  • Jiménez Peña advises multiple free zone operators on adherence to and compliance with this special tax regime.