Technology, Telecommunications and Data

Current industry challenges in the Dominican Republic

The transformations in the technology, telecommunications and data industry play a fundamental role in the development of Dominican society and the world. Information technology continues to innovate through the development of effective tools for data control. From the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, measures arise for new edges generated in the world of technology, as is the case of cloud computing, where highly sensitive information is sometimes stored regarding transactions, customers or users.


Jiménez Peña has the knowledge and practice of advising on issues related to national and international regulations and standards, issued by regulatory bodies of the Dominican Republic, the European Union and the United States that apply to entities that do business in the Dominican Republic.

We are pioneers in the representation of Dominican telecommunications operating companies in their adaptation to information and communication technologies, where the implementation of platforms for data mining and internal platforms of the companies stand out.

Relevant Cases

  • Jiménez Peña assisted Grupo Ramos in the fulfillment of a merger operation that involved the acquisition of the national e-commerce start-up The integration enabled the client to improve its share of the online retail market. The merger was completed in the ideal time, allowing Grupo Ramos to scale its e-commerce business for the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and giving the client a significant advantage over other companies in the retail sector.
  • Jiménez Peña advised Adevinta Holdco Spain, S.L. and Adevinta Iberica, SL, (entities that are part of the Adevinta Group), in relation to the structuring and sale of its participation in the Dominican subsidiary that owns and operates the website, one of the main Platforms of Electronic Commerce in the Dominican Republic to a group of national investors.
    Jiménez Peña advised Amazon Web Services, Inc., an entity that is part of, Inc. with due diligence to expand its operations in the Dominican Republic (local operations), in matters such as: owning, leasing and operating equipment for a Amazon CloudFront point of presence or POP. In addition, due to the advice and analysis, general regulatory issues, government authorizations (i.e., licenses, permits, etc.), data protection and security, electronic commerce, jurisdiction and regulatory authority, formation and execution of contracts, as well as corporate governance, where addressed.
  • Jiménez Peña advises, analyzes and assists local companies in the financial sector, such as Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Préstamos (APAP), in the technological solution of products offered through the website and that represent important advantages for contracts and transactions demanded by its clients.
  • Jiménez Peña advised hospitals and hospital chains in the United States on the regulation of telemedicine and the provision of Remote Second Opinon (RSO) in the Dominican Republic market, related to issues such as regulation, practice of medicine, licenses as well as the protection of privacy and patient data, the consequences and/or responsibilities, legal restrictions on the commercialization of telemedicine and RSO services, medical malpractice, criminal liability and the scope of insurance.